Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Alex & Anna :: Part Two (fiction)

Part two of... however many parts I break this thing into. I wrote it all in one afternoon, but the tweaking and editing is going to take a while. Part one can be found at

Meanwhile, Anna had calmed a bit and sat down, humiliated, among her family. Only hours before she had looked around the reception hall with knowledge that for once she was unquestionably the most beautiful woman in the room.

Not only was her dress stunningly fitted to her contours and her hair sculpted to perfection, but her smile of triumph beamed from the very center of her soul. Each time she looked into her husband’s eyes, she felt a thrill all through her. He was perfect, she thought, and she was the luckiest girl ever to live.

While her sentiments may have been tainted by the emotion of the day, she had fairly good reason to feel triumphant. Alex Varrons was undoubtedly a “catch” and she knew that his parents weren’t the only ones to feel she was unworthy of him. But he had chosen her anyway and she was continually amazed by it all.

Alex considered himself to have made a well-balanced choice and adored Anna’s simplicity and naiveté. As he glanced at her adoring face throughout the evening, his vanity was soothed and he felt he would never have to worry about the jealousies other men endured. It was obvious she adored him and could hardly see the other men in the room.

~ ~ ~

Now, as he walked through the chilly winter air, he felt nauseous with hurt pride and hurt vanity. He had been betrayed before and it had left a bitter feeling in him. This was exactly the reason he had chosen an innocent, pure girl like Anna, whom he presumed would never have the thought in her head of hurting him. He had felt completely safe opening his entire soul before her until moments ago when his world and his stomach were turned upside down.

The longer he walked in the freezing air, the warmer his face became with anger and mortification. He thought again of what he had seen and, overcome by the shock and pain, he leaned over the bridge he was crossing and vomited into the river below.


  1. holy chunder (literally, in the case of Alex) this is going to be awesome.

  2. See why you're the best? You certainly know how to make me smile!

    Holy chunder (not literally) I wish you guys still lived in Utah! Dang Mayo Clinic! :-D

    Please blog again, eh?