Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Apple Heaven

This isn't exactly a poem--more just a train of thought out of the regular form. It closely mirrors the thoughts going through my head a few mornings ago as I lay in bed musing on what things make me happy.

Ahhh Autumn

The crisp, cool air biting my lips
My lips biting a crisp, cool apple

Ahhh Apples

Would heaven be owning a big factory—
packed full of apples on conveyer belts—
apples as far as the eye can see—
bouncing up and down—
Into boxes—Into stores—into shopping carts—into homes—into mouths

Before the mouths, the homes, the shopping carts, the stores, the boxes
They would be mine
Apples as far as the eye can see
Waiting for that first crisp bite

Ahhh heaven!


One apple tree
One perfect apple
The comfort of one best friend
A splintered ladder

Watch your step!
Hold the ladder for me?
Keep your balance!
I’m almost there.

The prize in my grip:
One perfect apple freed from the branches above me
One thing remains

Back against the tree
The crisp, cool air biting my lips
Smiling at a friend
We see our breath in the morning chill

One perfect bite
Juices running to my chin
I close my eyes
I feel the moment
The moment feels me

It is the waiting
Watching the apple grow
The summer rain shining on the leaves
Hoping the ladder will hold my weight
One more time
The sharing
The enjoying
That entrances me

Ahhh autumn apple heaven!

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