Sunday, October 07, 2007

Shattering Statistics

A couple weeks ago, my husband was attending a geek fest at Microsoft for work. I was not the only one to wonder if he'd be wooed into submitting a resume at Geek Central. His answer? "Orem's one of the safest cities in the nation. Why would I want to move my kids away from that?"

Hard to fight with logic like that. But was he correct or was that just some rumor we heard from somebody somewhere at some time? About 30 seconds of Googling reveals the answer: a ranking done last year listed Orem as the 12th safest city in the country. I won't even try to go into the details of their statistical methods but there is a bit more info if you click here or you can do a Google search of your own.

Considering the overwhelming statistical proof, we were quite surprised Saturday when our oldest son informed us our garage door was open, and the back of our minivan was gaping open to the world. We rushed down to find all of the compartments of both our cars in disarray. CDs and cash were stolen, but the only thing of value that I am really sad about is an audio book: "Jesus The Christ." Good luck with that one, sweeties. Hope it comes in handy.

Nothing was damaged in the incident except one vital thing: that sense of safety and security that comes with living in an Orem zip code. Once again, reality wins in the fight between the real world and the statistical.

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  1. When we decided to move to Springville, I was thrilled to see that at the time, it was listed as having the second lowest crime rate in the nation. We weren't in our rental but a few weeks before someone ransacked our gloveboxes. I lived in Phoenix for 13 years, and only had Mat's car broken into once, and someone stole a holiday scarecrow decoration from our lawn the day after we put it up. I'd put up one this year, but I'm scared to risk it. ;)