Friday, February 01, 2008

Thomas the Tank Toddler

I'm in the habit of letting my kids wear their pajamas as long as they want to, which means the kids are often still in pajamas when Dad gets home from work.

Dad disapproves.

So this morning, I was trying to snatch a few more precious moments of relaxation in bed before it was time to "head to work" with breakfast time. (I hate breakfast time. Spilled cereal is probably the most disgusting thing in the world. Especially if kids have been sitting there letting it get soft and squishy for a long time. Makes me shudder.) Anyway, I was still laying in bed dreaming about a day when my children would get up and not scream for attention immediately.

My daydreams were interrupted by my husband plopping the kids onto my bed and proceeding to get them dressed for the day. I couldn't be upset at the interruption because, hey, I guess getting the kids dressed is a good thing. And those boys are so darn cute that it's hard not to smile at them in the morning.

Fast forward 15 minutes to breakfast time. Dad's gone to work. Mom's "on duty" again. Naturally, Elijah drips a cup of milk down his shirt. Who did NOT see this coming? Oh well. Mom blots at it with a washcloth and tells Elijah to stop crying and eat his food. This is one of the main reasons the pajamas stay on until after breakfast. We move on.

Fast forward about 45 more minutes. Mom is blogging about how wonderful it is to be published and Thomas comes down the stairs naked. "Umm, Thomas, where are your clothes?" Mom asks casually.

"Where my Thomas Tank Engine 'jamas, Mom?" asks Tommy.

"How about you go put on your daytime clothes again?" asks Mommy.

"Where my Thomas Tank Engines 'jamas, Mommy?" asks Tommy.

"Where are your pants, Tommy? Upstairs? Should we go upstairs and get your pants back on?" asks Mommy.

"Where my Thomas Tank Engine 'jamas, Mommy?" asks Tommy.

So Elijah is now wearing a lovely milk-scented t-shirt and Thomas is wearing his Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas. I need to remember to change their clothes before 5:30 when Dad gets home from work.


  1. So it's not just me?

    See, in response to my blog yesterday, my mom made it seem like I was the only person that allowed my kid to go to Walmart with his pajamas on. She even said "it's so tacky." But now I know that other seemingly normal mothers allow their children to go to Walmart in their pajamas, and they haven't been taken out to the streets and stoned. Makes me feel a little bit better about my mothering skills.

  2. Here it is, 5:29. My husband may be home from work any minute. All my kids and I are still in our 'jamas... I was contemplating taking a quick shower and getting us all dressed, but then thought better of it.

    The only reason the baby is wearing different clothes is that he had a minor blow out...

    You're not alone! :)

    Maybe I can get the living room carpet vacuumed and he won't notice our clothes.