Friday, June 06, 2008


1. I saw the driver of a garbage truck throw litter out of his window onto the street. Kind of ironic, no?

2. I chopped my hair. I look in the mirror and see a somewhat pretty boy. I like it anyway and now I have some time to let it grow before I get another haircut.

3. I'm heading to California (again!) this weekend to hang out with my sister, eat chocolate at Ghiradelli Square, and see a benefit screening of Wall*E. I'm so stoked. If anybody out there is feeling charitable, give Josh a call and offer to help with babysitting on Monday because *technically* I don't have a babysitter for Monday morning yet. And I leave in 15 minutes to drive up to the airport. Oops. Sorry, Josh.

4. It's strange to be the center of my children's universe. We bought these cute letter-shaped graham cracker cookies. Thomas was playing with them and then said, "Here you go, Mom" and then left the room. When I looked down a minute later, I saw three letters arranged for me: M-O-M. Cute!

5. My house has never been so dirty. And I'm leaving for the weekend, so Josh gets to enjoy while I'm living the good life. Sorry again, Josh. I would feel guiltier but I know the house will be just as child-friendly when I return. Kids prove the law of entropy to be a firm truth.

6. I just finished "A Thousand Splendid Suns." Wow. I wouldn't recommend it to everybody but it was quite gripping. I stayed up way too late reading it.


  1. 1. Ironic, yes. Suprising? No.
    2. At least you don't look like an ugly boy. How short is short?
    3. You may have the best husband in the entire world. Wade and I were just discussing that this evening at dinner. How he would never allow me to leave like that.
    4. Maybe it was meant to say WOW
    5. Here's some motivation: One day, the Relief Society will think it wise to come in and clean your house for you.
    6. I tried it briefly, but I think it was too close to having read Kite Runner. I will have to try again.

  2. Can't wait to see your hair, Eat some Ghiradelli for me!

  3. I really enjoyed "A Thousand Splendid Suns." Not like reading "Pride and Prejudice..." I just started "The Blood of Flowers"--it's supposed to be along the same vein...I'm hoping less gritty and sad.

  4. Have fun in California. I can't wait to see your hair. Mine is going in just a few short weeks!

  5. Have fun in California!!

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  7. I hope you had a fun trip... and I can't wait to see your hair!