Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Amr Diab

When my Mom visited my sister in Egypt years back, she bought a tape of Arabic rock music. It seemed a bit outdated at the time, but we fell in love with it. It was a handful of years before I learned that the singer on the tape, Amr Diab, is actually really, really, really famous in the middle east. In his mid-40s, he's still rocking the music world. Here is one of my favorite songs. Enjoy!


  1. Don't you love YouTube and the memories it can provide? Cool song, but the video seems so far from what we hear about Mid-east culture it was strange to watch, all I could think of was where in the middle east are they allowed to watch this? Maybe because I just read A thousand Splendid Suns. I might be behind on world Culture. Thanks for sharing a favorite though!

  2. We have LOVED Amr Diab for years! My husband goes to India sometimes to check in on BYU field studies students and has not only brought back his love of Bollywood movies but also all things middle eastern. Go Amr!