Thursday, January 29, 2009

Free Pastries!

I am not embarrased by my obsession with Portos Bakery ... very much ...

I visited there again yesterday and was absolutely delighted again. I'm going to write a separate blog entry just about the joys of the Southwest Steak Salad (if that doesn't make you want to come back soon, I don't know what will...) but for now, a simple announcement:

I have approximately 20 cheese rolls (these are a sweet dessert .. see last paragraph for description) that I transported carefully from Burbank, CA to my home. I froze them right after purchase and took them out of the freezer right before I left for LAX. Then I popped them back in the freezer as soon as I got home tonight. I tried one before popping them back in the freezer and I can report they are still delicious, although slightly less flaky. (What can you expect?) They aren't pretty anymore since they were jumbled about in my carry on bag (an awesome new reusable bag from Whole Foods!) but they taste great.

So ... if I've made you curious about this crazy bakery hundreds of miles away that I insist on visiting whenever I'm in The Valley, drop me a comment or give me a call tomorrow and you can have a little slice of paradise delivered straight to your mouth. :-)

To clarify exactly what I have: a cheese roll is essentially a creamy, soft, sweet cream cheese filling (not unlike a form of cream cheese frosting) surrounded by crispy layers of puff pastry that is baked with sugar glazed on top. I'm addicted to these things ... as much as I can be living hundreds of miles away from my source.


  1. ooo... I wouldn't mind a little slice of paradise! I used to live there near Santa Monica, you know, but never heard of this bakery. We were poor students, so...

  2. You are too nice! I won't be able to take advantage of this this time, but maybe I'll hit you up in the future ;).