Monday, June 08, 2009


Found some old stuff. Laughed about it. Blogged about it. Words were kind of funny but not very charitable.

Letter arrived a couple weeks later. Person I joked about wrote to apologize for anything he might have done that offended me ... 15 years ago. Out of the blue? Coincidence?

Uncomfortable feeling.

Did he see the words that were so casually thrown out to the world? Did he blush at my harsh criticism and think he was at fault?

I blush at my criticism and know who was at fault.


Apologies will be spoken. Publicly now. Privately later.

A good reminder that wit is fun but kindness is better. Yet through the tumult of questioning myself, I become stronger as I ponder the rippling effects of my actions. A friendship, long since dead and gone, will be revived. Out of the ashes, rebirth.

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