Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sepia Sunset

The setting sun has cast the world in sepia tones. A reddish-brown aura infuses the world around me and I ponder my day.

12:15 Elijah runs happily toward the car. He slips. I see him falling. His knees hit the unforgiving concrete first and my knees start to sting in sympathetic pain. His momentum isn't spent and his nose is going straight toward the ground. I cringe in pain and then my palms burn as he raises his in time to protect his face. He cries all the way home and I speed, trying to get him to his placebo/bandaid as quickly as possible.

1:00 I meet a new friend. We both have twins. We both have dark hair and dark eyes. We're both ridiculously short but adorable anyway. We talk and sympathize and laugh together.

5:30 Thomas decides to do his best Zidane imitation and butt his head into mine while I watch a soccer game. It hurts and I sweep him off my lap as I cry out in pain. My neighbors gasp and turn to see the spectacle. I'm embarrassed that I swept Thomas away protectively. They tell me I'm really patient and that I handled it really well because I didn't lose my temper. My stake president is standing about 15 feet away. I wonder whether or not he thought I was patient.

7:30 My upper lip is still numb and my gums still hurt from the impact two hours ago. I'm developing a serious headache and I've informed the children they will all be in bed VERY SOON. Mom's had enough. Mom is tired. Mom's feeling sick and can't take any good pain relievers right now because ...

For those who don't know the Zidane reference, take a moment to enjoy one of the most unexpected, shocking and memorable moments in soccer history:


  1. See new header ;-)

  2. I caught it . . . congrats!

  3. Congrats on being pregnant! That is great!! Hope all is well with the pregnancy and you aren't too sick... or tired... :)

  4. Congrats Juliana!!!

  5. It's a bit scary, really, that he can perform a headbutt like that.