Monday, January 25, 2010


I have been cleaning the house with vigor, planning special projects with the twins and feeing optimistic about everything I'll get done this week. It must be Monday.

By Tuesday, I'll be trying to maintain the progress I made on Monday.

By Wednesday, I'll be feeling good about my efforts and feel like I deserve a break.

By Thursday, I'll be tired and my good habits will have been replaced by lethargy.

By Friday, I'll be looking forward to having an extra set of hands to help out over the weekend.

By Saturday, I'll be overwhelmed while looking at our impossible "to do" list next to the impossible laundry pile and dirty dishes.

By Sunday, chaos will reign supreme and I'll be trying to catch up with everything that didn't get done the day before.

And then will come another sweet Monday. Monday is the day that I am queen. Josh has gone back to work, meaning that there is only one set of opinions regarding when to do chores, how much Wii time the boys are allowed, how to handle discipline and what constitutes a "meal." My word reigns supreme and I am once again in control of the household.



  1. I follow the exact same cycle. :)

  2. Love this. I do this too.

  3. Monday's are not good for me. My son has a terrible time getting back into the swing of things. He misses too many Monday's of school. Today so far is another one of those Monday's. I have threatened taking away the XBox 360 for the whole week. I hate being a mean mom. That's why I never am one. Look where it has gotten him so far regarding school. Ugh

  4. Keri, that's funny to me because my son is currently grounded from using the Wii the entire week because he was such a [sweet little darlin'] over the weekend. The twins were grounded from it over the weekend, too, so you know I'm pretty hard-hearted to take a Wii away from two four-year-olds. ;)

  5. I never start anything on Mondays - too overwhelming. Tuesdays are my Monday.

  6. Cleaning the house with vigor? What happened to the cleaning lady? I look forward to Fridays, when I know the house will be cleaned [by someone else].

  7. One day at a time, huh? I have a friend that says enduring to the end means to the end of the day.

  8. story of my life - well said!