Monday, February 22, 2010



Some start with a great whirlwind of discovery, shared secrets and the comfort of mutual understanding. These seem to leave in a whirlwind, too, but of mistrust and disappointment.

Some start with a mutual warmth--but patience. Sometimes these fade slowly and easily away, no pain and no regret. And sometimes these build day by day until  you realize that you have built a solid foundation of shared experiences and understanding. These are friendships to treasure.

Some start with a wariness that is almost tangible. I think this is how one of my greatest friendships started. We were thrown together and the tension was sometimes palpable. Sometimes we would work side by side without speaking to each other. And when we were around other people, you would assume we were total strangers.

Years later, I realized that if we had seen each other at our worst and learned to be friends, this was a friendship that would last. And it has, through ups and downs and good times and bad times. Sometimes we are sarcastic and cutting to each other--and it genuinely hurts. But I know that we'll get over it. We'll move on. Because we have faith in each other to stand back up when we fall down.

I've learned to be cautious of friendships that start with heat--they will likely go down in flames. (Of course, I might surprise myself one day with a Phoenix Friendship--out of the ashes, so to speak.) So I treasure friendships that are warm and comfortable and just right. And I've learned to be patient with friendships that start a little chilly. Patience before rewards.


  1. I am glad you are my friend. I think you are thoughtful and beautiful and really cool.

    And I have had some weird friendships in my day too. It is a constant job with some of them. But usually worth it!

  2. How are you? Did you get the movies I sent you? Sorry, it was kinda crazy and I just rushed and picked something. I'll try to come by this week and exchange them, so if you want something specific let me know! Hope all is well.