Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's the Eve of Destruction, by which I mean my son has a huge homework assignment due tomorrow .. and he has barely started. It's past his bedtime and he probably has a couple hours of work to do. He couldn't fall asleep until after midnight last night and had to wake up early.

One of us is tired and cranky about the situation. And it is not him.

I am wondering if he is learning anything while I bail him out and hold his hand through this assignment. Probably. He's probably learning things like ...

"If I wait long enough, Mom will do my homework for me!"
"Gosh, Mom really does get cranky in the evenings..."

My oldest is in an accelerated learning program this year and the learning curve is steep for both of us. I just hope we learn the right kinds of lessons. And soon.


  1. I have had more of the nights than I can count. Just the other night I spent oodles of time making a model of an animal cell with my 12 year old. It never ends!

  2. Oh, yeah, let him know that when I was in that accelerated program in fifth grade with his grandma as my teacher, it was rough. I procrastinated with my homework constantly and wasn't doing very well to start. It took me a lot to see what I was doing to my parents and to myself that I had to make sure that my homework wasn't just being finished or even started the night before it was do. Gotta do that homework assignment, or at least start it and if confused about it, get help or ask questions the day it is assigned.

    And I did realize your second one when I was in fifth grade of my own accord..."Gosh, Mom really does get cranky in the evenings..." Hope everything gets better soon with that!

  3. Oh, I've been there too! As a mom, I HATE homework! (But I try not to admit that to my kids!) Now that I know how much moms hate homework I try to not dish out more than is really necessary as a teacher.