Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wouldn't I?

Dear children,

There are certain things you should never say to your mother.

Yesterday, we learned that one of these things is: "YOU WOULDN'T DARE!!!" when your Mother threatened consequences for your slovenly habits.

You learned that Mom does dare. She dares to take away your favorite clothing, pack away all your toys that were strewn about the floor, unplug the Wii, change your passwords on the computer accounts, and give you each one bowl of dry cereal and a cup of water for dinner.

Oh, yes, children: Mother dares.

What lesson would you like to learn today?

Love, Mom

Thursday, July 08, 2010

hand and soul

eden :: delight

my hands
brown, dried out, cracking and weather-worn

your hands
white, smooth, pure
open palms learning to reach and grasp with meaning & intention

my soul
broken and repaired, scratched and healed, happy yet weary

your soul
innocent, pure, unscathed
open heart learning to reach with love & hope

two hands united in loving touch, gripping one another, simultaneously soothing
two souls lifting each other to a higher, better place