Thursday, January 06, 2011

Love Love Love

I've been waiting for that moment to come--that moment when I realize I've started taking my baby daughter for granted. That moment when she has simply been assimilated into the madness that is my family. That moment when I have had it Up. To. Here. with Yet. Another. Poopie. Diaper.

Still waiting.

I still cry when I look at her. I still can't believe any person could be this sweet and this loving. I still tiptoe into her room when she's asleep to just make sure she's still breathing. She is still the most beautiful thing in the world. She still makes her brothers smile, even when I've made them frown.

She is magical.

And I love her.

~ ~ ~

Speaking of love love love, I went to the store today and bought some adorable little Valentine's Day items. A rug for our entryway, heart-shaped erasers, stickers, an owl-shaped Valentine's Day apron that Eden will adore when she's a bit older, and little $1 mailboxes that are irresistible! I'm going to decorate the mailboxes, fill them up with treats and a love letter from Mom and surprise the kids with them on February 14th. Kind of like an Easter basket or Christmas stocking ... for Valentine's Day. I can't wait!

Last year, we did homemade valentines for the kids to give their classmates and it was lots of fun! Err, well the design process was fun--cranking out 80 handcrafted valentines during the week my Obstetrician told me I better "take it easy" because my blood pressure was going up was ... not really very fun at all. But I've mostly forgotten the details of how not-fun it was. There is just a vague sense of, "Hmm ... Wasn't that stressful? I'm sure it wasn't THAT bad!"

So I'm going to do it again. Designing valentines can be so creative. Last year we did little bags of candy with a paper topper stapled to it:

This year, I found some cute little heart-shaped boxes at Target that are 8/$1. I bought one package (8) and will try to talk one of the kids into that idea after school. We can put a little customized sticker on top and treats inside. Voila! Easy and unique! Still mulling other ideas over and I'll definitely let the kids make the final choice. It should be fun! (By which I mean the design process will be fun...)

I'm feeling a bit addicted to Valentine's Day right now. I love that it is about the whole family when you have kids. It's always been overlooked in our family because it's the week before all three of my boys' birthdays. This year, though, we're doing things right so I need more ideas. What are your family traditions for the big day?


  1. Valentine's Day is my very favorite holiday. I'm happy to see that it makes you smile, too. :) My favorite thing to do is make big heart-shaped sugar cookies. Stacked. The bottom cookie is the full heart, and the top cookie is like a frame, with the middle heart-shape missing where you can write a message in frosting. They are adorable and WAY too much sugar, but I love them anyway.

  2. I dont have any cool, big traditions, but I do leave a lovely dovey note and a bag of candy at my husband and kids' breakfast places at the table.

  3. Hey Jules.. drop me a note if you can (NetBoy)... that is if you remember me!!

  4. der.. haolenate at gmail (you know the rest)

  5. NetBoy! How could I forget you??? Gack! How can I contact you?

  6. Thanks, Nate! I emailed you.

  7. your blog. is so sweet and honest.
    we will be making a "love cake" for valentines i plan on making a video about it. my daughter is two and loves to help me bake.