Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bigger Problems

Why, yes, those are my children wearing flip flops on a snowy day. With socks. Flip flops and squished-up, pinch-toed socks. Cold toes are clearly not an issue here. We have bigger problems to solve. Problems like...

(1) Soaring levels of geekiness, accompanied by plummeting levels of social awareness
(2) A Mom who is wondering how much she should encourage her children to abide by societal norms, and how much she should encourage them to embrace their own personalities
(3) A Person who is wondering how everything turns into an internal philosophical debate, even her children's daily shoe selection (or her deliberate choice to refer to herself as a "Mom" in #2 and a "Person" in #3, thereby exerting her right to define herself as something more than just a caretaker of young children; or her deliberate choice to continue referring to herself in the third person)

Yep. Just another typical day at home.


  1. Abiding by societal norms is totally overrated. :)

  2. My son wears cowboy boots witht he pants tucked in. Because he liked it that way. Meh, who cares. They're kids, right?

  3. Really grok the "soaring levels of geekiness." As for uniforms, it may sound strange but it's why I like uniforms, especially when little. None of this "I dress better than you" crap, plus I don't have to think about an "outfit". When kids are older, no house rending angst about what they're wearing either.