Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Girls vs. Boys

Disclaimer: I don't really hate women. Women aren't horrible ... but we can certainly act that way at times ...
~ ~ ~

I found it funny when my shrink accused me of being a man-hater. Okay, he didn't use those exact words. He said he thought I had a "deficit view" of men in general.

I was like, wait, excuse me?

"I have always been more of a man EATER," I corrected him. "Of course, that was years ago." (Two of my boyfriends dedicated a couple choice songs to me--I'm sure I've blogged about how I've always loved Duran Duran's Femme Fatale since then.)

I am not a man hater. I have always gotten along better with men than women, ever since I was a child. Why? Because women are horrible.

Horrible. Mean. Malicious. Gossip-mongering terrible creatures*.

I mean, we're awesome, too. Don't get me wrong. But days like TODAY, I am ashamed to have that feminine side deep inside of me.

So here's what happened. My little Thomas, the one who was recently diagnosed with Asperger's (Autism Spectrum Disorder), has been asking to have a play date with a little girl at school for a few weeks. I thought they got along great and was relieved that Tommy found a friend. She even wrote down her phone number for him to call her, but we never got a chance.

Then today. He came home and said, "Me and ---- are going to have a play date today!" Then he said something about her not knowing her house number, but something-or-other. I told him I'd have to call her Mom, and then a couple minutes later I found a piece of paper on the table that said in little kindergarten handwriting, "I hat you Thomas."

I stared at it, trying to take it in. I held the paper up and said, "Thomas, what is this?"

"That's ----'s house number," he replied.

"But it doesn't have an address on it. No numbers."

"That's her address."

So apparently Tommy wanted to get together to play and asked for her address. She wrote down, "I hat you Thomas" on a paper and gave it to him. It's one thing to write down a fake phone number to get rid of a creepy guy in a nightclub, but this is different.

Who could hate my little boy? He is the brightest ray of sunshine in the whole world. What kind of person would pull a prank like that on a sweet little six-year-old, telling him that they'll get together to play and instead telling him she hates him? I am just glad he never looked carefully at the paper. I am trying to restrain my Mama Bear instinct--that little Mean Girl inside of me that wants to say vicious things in return.

Shame on you, mean little girl. Shame on all mean girls everywhere.

Man hater? No. No man would pull a trick like that on a sweet little boy like Thomas.

* Okay, women are awesome. But we are also passionate creatures, and I am passionately sad right now about the way this little girl treated my son.