Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flowers and Weeds

Right now, my yard and my life are full of a lot of weeds.

The lawn is dead and it's my fault. The grass won't grow anywhere but in the flower beds.

The flowers that I so carefully planted in the fall are being choked out by the weeds that I negligently allowed to grow. A passive choice not to confront a problem has cancelled out my active attempts from the past.

I am overwhelmed at the impossibility of getting my flower beds--and my life--back to a state of beauty and calm. The task seems beyond me.

So I make a choice.

I search for hope. I choose to find the beauty among the weeds. I pick some herbs and some flowers and put them in a vase together. I fill the vase with pure water and fill my soul with renewed commitment to see the good in my life, to celebrate the strength among the weakness. I choose triumph while surrounded by certain defeat.

Nothing will be easy. The weeds will still grow. I will still feel embarrassed by the dead and ugly things in my yard and soul. But I am strong and I know the weeds will not choke out everything good.

My strength remains.


  1. nice words
    life is good if we think positive
    we will attract all good things to our life if we think positive....

  2. Beautifully written. If you'd like I can help with the weeds... at least the ones in the yard. :) And of course help you focus on the flowers in your life. You are a beautiful, strong, amazing woman (despite the weeds)--don't ever forget that!

    1. I appreciate that, Janelle! You always make me feel like I can accomplish anything. Love you!

  3. I soooo want to sit down & talk with you. I was driving away & saw you on your steps last night & wanted to come chat. When I got home you were gone. We are packing like crazy (with a few breaks to read blogs, or course), but I would love to see you before we leave (in 2 weeks...we're leaving a little earlier than our original plan).


    1. So sad you'll be gone so soon, Steph! At least we'll "always have the internet." ;)